Monday, August 23, 2010

Pictures of AAC Visibility and Awareness Webcam Events

Many people spend days, months, years and sometimes a lifetime without effective communication.  Be part of an international effort working to change that through educating people about the power of alternative ways to communicate, called AAC.  Help us highlight people who are using alternative ways to communicate, along with their supporters. 

We encourage people who use AAC and their supporters to make it a point in October (and throughout the year!) to be highly visible in their communities and to show their presence as communicators, advocates, and mentors for others.  One fun way to be visible may be to spend some time at a public webcam site, where people in the community and on the internet can see you.  Talk to people about AAC and the importance of communication.  Hand out information.  Have a rally with large signs or banners or lumineres that show up on the internet.  Eat and chat in a restaurant that has a webcam.  Be creative!  Have someone snap your photo or capture the webcam view on the internet and send it to us with the webcam location.  We will post it to show communicators, advocates and mentors across the country.